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An artist like no other: in conversation with renegade war artist George Gittoes

Rather than opening with a gentle description of the humble origins of an artist aesthete, George Gittoes’ memoir, Blood Mystic, starts with the Australian war artist barrelling from an Afghani airstrip into the heart of Jalalabad, clutching a letter from the Pakistani Taliban promising to remove his head if he sets foot in the city.


Rampage is another Gittoes journey into the forbidden zones.

The Miscreants of Taliwood

George Gittoes travels to Terror Central in Pakistan, where he decides to shoot a local Pashto telie film right under the nose of the Taliban’s anti-entertainment forces.

Love City, Jalalabad

George Gittoes and Hellen Rose team up with a local group of struggling actors to collectively declare LOVE and ART on Jalalabad.