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Not only is he one of the world’s most incredible unofficial war artists, but he also empowers locals from war-ravaged towns and cities by including them in art projects such as films.

Q & A With George

This is a transcript of a SKYPE interview with George Gittoes and producer Gabrielle Dalton.

Australian War Artist : Acts of Good Citizenship

I’m privileged to be able to have a wide view of what Australian peacekeepers have done in the last decade in this extraordinary period where we send our forces to all the different theatres where peacekeepers have been needed.

Rampage the Movie Film Review

Rampage The Movie, a hard hittin’ documentary about kids in the worst part of Miami trying to break free of the ghetto with rap music.

George Negus Tonight : George Gittoes

Recently George devised, shot, directed and produced the film “Soundtrack to War”. The film is about the music extracted from the madness of war and shows what American soldiers listen to for inspiration as they go into battle.