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The first Woman’s Film and Sound Technology Workshop 

Course director Hellen Rose statement

Keep The Yellow House Jalalabad Alive 

A unique space where artists, actors, musicians and writers have created the very first artist run space and arts centre in Afghanistan. 

George – back on home ground, Rockin’ Rockdale!!! 

Gittoes is the master to open door to young artists.

Rap the traditional way and for rebellion 

Our young musician Mersamen (same name as young guy from Tora Bora) is presently working with a group of writers and actors to produce some to the first Pashto Rap songs. Rap is beginning to become popular in Persian language in Iran and other places and these guys love it. The rap songs they are writing […]

The Rose Theatre at The Yellow House Jalalabad 

The young Pashtun actors are here being mentored by the older actors in a drama workshop lead by Hellen Rose. There are no schools for the performing arts and these children have only the chance to learn on the job from the older actors or what they can pick up from theatrical shows or films […]

Talibs come to see the circus 

We pitched the tent in a Taliban Village at Tora Bora. As the day moved on we had some real Talibs visit. Usually there was one that knew one of us. In this photo the guy in the green  on my left is someone I have gotten to know over the last year or so. I […]

Head of the Village and GG 

This is the village chief at Tora Bora. He only let us do the Cinema Circus because I has spontaneously helped one of his people some time ago who needed to go to hospital. The man was dying and I let them have my car. The mercy trip saved the villager’s life. These chiefs are wise […]

Road to Tora Bora 

We made it to Tora Bora in our blue Russian Truck today. The circus tent was in the back and we put it up in a village with 200 small children who were fascinated by my monkey Dali. The landscape on the way to the village is like the moon …. but all round river […]

Youth Theatre Workshop Yellow House 

with Ashid

Theatre workshops for young people 

Conducted at the Yellow house, Jalalabad