Film Maker

Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey, 2015

Epic portrait of daily life in Jalalabad; Gittoes recruited gangs of war-damaged children to shoot local, Pashto-style films: vibrant, colorful and infused with the violence they experience on a daily basis.

Love City Jalalabad, 2013

A wild and funny documentary showing how the progressive youth of Afghanistan are rejecting the use of armed force and see film production as an alternative means of bringing peace and social change to their war-torn and occupied country. Winner ‘Best Documentary’ and ‘Socially Relevent Film’ awards at NYC’s Winter Film Awards.

Miscreants of Taliwood
The Miscreants of Taliwood, 2009

Shot in terror central in Pakistan, where Gittoes decides to shoot a local Pashto telie film right under the nose of the Taliban’s anti-entertainment forces. A clash of fundamentalism and entertainmentand a surprising, terrifying journey, into the forbidden zones of Pakistan’s explosive North West Frontier.

Rampage, 2006

Miami-based subculture of a group of African- American soldiers, and an exploration of hiphop’s musical innovations Jury Finalist, Raindance Film Festival

Soundtrack To War
Soundtrack To War, 2005

Filmed throughout 2003-2004, Gittoes bypassed the U.S. military’s media lockdown on the war in Iraq to capture an authentic account of the human experience of the war. Gittoes interviewed American soldiers deployed in Iraq to create an account of the role of music in the contemporary battlefield. Premieres on ABC Television. Screens at the Sydney and Berlin film festivals followed by cinema releases in Australia, the United States and Europe. Screens at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Bullets of the Poets
Bullets of the Poets, 1987

Filmed on location in Nicaragua. Focuses on six women who recount their struggles during the Sandinista Revolution and their reliance on writing poetry in order to cope.