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Valkyrie Installation Stavanger 


Rap the traditional way and for rebellion 

Our young musician Mersamen (same name as young guy from Tora Bora) is presently working with a group of writers and actors to produce some to the first Pashto Rap songs. Rap is beginning to become popular in Persian language in Iran and other places and these guys love it. The rap songs they are writing […]

The road back from Tora Bora and Joy 

At one point on the road back from Tora Bora, after doing the Circus, successfully, our truck broke down. We realized we were reasonably safe, however, as we had driven around the badlands. So we started to dance spontaneously. It was a great feeling to have done this thing and to have survived. I have […]

Youth Theatre Workshop Yellow House 

with Ashid

Edit suite in Yellow house with V masks 

Here is our edit suite in the basement of the YH. I am sitting with Neha and Nooraha who are both 19 year old directors and this is where they are constructing the footage from their dramas.  The walls are covered in posters from movies by our group, Buraq Films and V for Vendetta masks […]

Theatre workshops for young people 

Conducted at the Yellow house, Jalalabad

The Puppeteer 

George doing outdoor Puppets 1970